Dogs And Cats Have Officially Joined The ‘Ugly’ Holiday Sweater Trend

The hit of every Christmas party (or joke, depending on your mood) is now being worn by a growing number of pets.

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Pets are now rocking ugly Christmas sweaters... some with more zeal than others. Via nolenpatriots/Instagram

The ugly sweater craze is warming up women and men this holiday season — and now the silly, ubiquitous and often uniquely artistic outerwear has gone to the dogs… and cats.

Not wanting to leave out the furry loves of their lives, many people are dressing up their pets in what was once a fashion no-no but has since taken the holiday season by storm, the Miami Herald reports.

“My non-cat lady friends definitely think I am crazy,” Catie Savage, who handles her cats’ popular Instagram site (@life-of-ziggy), said in the article. She added that she enjoys the Christmas sweaters more than the cats do, “which makes it even funnier to me.”

So in the spirit of this new holiday tradition, here are several sweater-wearing pets who now have the honor of looking every bit as ridiculous (although, definitely more adorable) as we do this Christmas. On festive patterns, on ribbon and bows! Embrace those ugly sweaters and shine from your head to your toes!

1. Eva is feeling a little “pepperminty” this holiday season.

2. “Please, my reindeer trumps your red and white any day!”

3. “Where’s the treats? You said there’d be treats.”

Ready for the ugly sweater Christmas party tonight. #uglysweater #dogswithsweaters

A photo posted by He Builds She Paints (@he_builds_she_paints_) on

4. “If you’re done with me, I have some police work to do.”

It’s sweater weather. #dogswithsweaters A photo posted by @abigaincano on

5. “It wasn’t bad enough showing just one of me?!”

6. “There’d better be something good to replace this sweater in here!”

He hated it so much hahaha #UglyCatSweater A photo posted by Chris (@c_poole015) on

7.”If you don’t get me out of this sweater right meow… “

Meowry Christmas! #uglycatsweater #cats #catsagram #catsofinstagram #christmas

A photo posted by Katie Owen ( on

8. “Yes, I know I make this sweater look good.”

9. Keeping it all in the family!

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