Dogs, Cats Face Sterilization Under ‘3 Strikes’ Bill

Controversial pet legislation in California passes another hurdle by narrow vote.

Three strikes, and your pet is altered.

The “3 Strikes Spaying and Neutering Bill,” formerly known as the California Healthy Pets Act, would force dog and cat owners to spay or neuter their pets if animal control officers come to know them too well.

On Wednesday, the Senate Local Government Committee voted 3-2 for legislation that would mandate sterilization of dogs if they have three offenses involving animal control authorities and sterilization for cats who have two offenses. For each visit by an animal control officer in response to complaints of roaming animals, unlicensed pets, and/or animal bites, an offense will be counted.

The bill, AB 1634, by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, is an altered version of an earlier effort that failed in the Legislature. The original bill forced statewide mandatory neutering of all cats and dogs, with some exemptions.

The next hurdle for the bill to clear is the Senate Appropriations Committee.

For more information on AB 1634 and California’s spay-neuter legislation, click here.

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