Dog’s Bleeding Tail Needs Time to Heal

A stirrup-type bandage will stay on – if dog wears a special collar, too.

Q. My dog has a bloody tail tip of his tail that is continually aggravated by his wagging. Is there a good way to bandage it so it will heal?

A. The only way your dog’s tail will heal properly is to get him to stop wagging it.
How do you get dogs to stop wagging their tails? Can you read them depressing news? Can you scold them and glare at them? Can you command them to stop wagging? Why are dogs so irrepressibly happy most of the time?
One well-known “Far Side” cartoon by Gary Larson shows the many moods of the Irish Setter, including depressed, suicidal, sad, introverted, etc. In every picture, the dog appears as a “smiling” goofball.
OK, given that you probably can’t get your dog to stop wagging his tail, he needs a soft, padded bandage on the tail tip. The vet will clip his tail of hair, clean up the wound, then use a stirrup-type bandage halfway up the tail.
To keep your dog from chewing the bandage off, he’ll need a protective collar. The newer soft, flexible ones are easier on dogs and owners alike.
Keep the bandage and collar on for at least a week to allow the tail to heal.

Or, try to figure out a way to stop him from wagging his tail Good luck with that!

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