Dog’s Bad Haircut Inspires Comparisons To Guy Fieri, Early Justin Timberlake

Judge for yourself whether this dog got a hairdo or a hairdon't.

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Before and after. (After-after provided by Twitter, below.) Via Lindsay Martin/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Do you like that schadenfreude feeling? Well, hang on to your backwards-upside-down sunglasses and *NSYNC CDs because we’re going to show you a dog haircut that’s so bad it’s good.

A daughter mad at her mom for giving their dog a bad hairstyle has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter. See how user Lindsay Martin’s tweet set off a string of excellent responses.

This look seems the most apt. Bye bye bye, luxurious dog coat.

This one puts a little donkey sauce on top. Nice.

With that haircut, that dog had better work.

Or embrace a new identity.

But we hope it’s gonna be JT.

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