Dogs as Insight into a Man’s Character

Book digs into your date’s inner workings through his dog.

If you just met a great guy, but you have some suspicion that he might be the right one for you, author Wendy Diamond would like to help you out.

Her book, “How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs,” from Sterling Publishing Co., takes a look at about 30 dog breeds and what ownership of each breed could mean about the new man you’re dating.

For example, she says a man with a Maltese “gets away with everything. Why? Because he can!” While he’s great at being a friend and companion, he has a hard time keeping a schedule. Diamond’s advice? “Don’t indulge every one of Mr. Maltese’s whims. It’s important to lay down the law and set boundaries…”

Did your new guy show up at the dog park with a Doberman? Then he’s “great marriage material. He loves having a sense of family, is a fine companion, and is good with children.” Mr. Doberman does have a downside, of course. “You have to make it clear right from the start that you will not put up with the Pinscher Man’s notorious sarcasm and mouthy comments when he feels threatened.

“Siberian Husky Man” will turn your heart to mush, Diamond says. “He’s the handsome Russian hunk with the gorgeous blue or brown eyes.” He does better in cooler temperatures, and will likely work as a snow plow operator or ski instructor. A tip if your guy’s got a Husky: To modify his behavior, “Offer him as many treats as possible without spoiling him.”

“How to Understand Men Through Their Dogs” is available now.

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