Dogs – and Kids – of the Past

Dedicated dog lover brings them together in "The Best Dog in the World."

Dogs and kids. Is there any more magical combination?

How about dogs, kids, and old postcards? These come together in the lovely book, “The Best Dog in the World: Vintage Portraits of Children and Their Dogs,” by Donna Long. Just the darling cover shot of a young girl almost lying on her Cocker Spaniel is enough to make you want to buy it.

But pick it up, and there’s seemingly no end to the wonderful sepia-toned images, dotted with bits of information about some of the children, as well interesting observations about the rising – and falling – popularity of the photographed breeds.

Many of the shots were taken in photographers’ studios in a variety of locations throughout the United States and a few other countries, all in a span of about 30 years – 1890 to 1920. Others show children on porches, in backyards, and standing in the snow – all accompanied by what are clearly beloved friends.

Published by Ten Speed Press, “The Best Dog in the World,” is a book any dog lover will, well, love. It hits stores in April.

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