Dogs and Children

Bringing home an appropriate canine playmate starts with doing your homework.

Have you been asking yourself, “Should we get our children a dog?” First determine if you want one. Few children handle sole responsibility in caring for a dog, which leaves much of it for parents. Further considerations include:

1. Children with dogs need supervision until they understand how to treat a dog kindly. At what age does that occur? No one answer exists; your 7-year-old may be more mature than the neighbor’s 11-year-old.

2. Research, then buy or adopt a breed or mix of breeds generally regarded as good with children that suits your particular child — quiet companion for a mellow child, playful type for a more active kid.

3. Young puppies take lots of time to raise well. An even-tempered 1-year-old or older dog with a known affinity for children bypasses the puppy antics stage and forms an equally strong family bond.

4. Male or female doesn’t matter; a good dog is a good dog.

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