Dogs And Cats Get Out The Vote (Kinda)

The high number of pets sporting “I Voted” stickers are election day results everyone can get behind.

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An unprecedented number of cats'... pictures with "I Voted" stickers came out this year. Via Kwame Opam/Instagram

It was a very tight election race but the people have spoken. And so have the pets.

Pets with “I Voted” stickers were everywhere yesterday and, thank dog, people posted photos online. Instagram and Twitter showed tons of furry faces and sticky proof of civic pride. We solemnly swear that these are some of the best.

1. The Decider.

The sense of fulfilling one’s duty as a citizen is strong on the face of this dog.

2. “I’m With Voted.”

Ghost may not be ready for the patriarchy to be over but this girl is. #imwithher

A photo posted by Kaitlyn Tiffany (@kait_tiffany) on

Many of the animal electorate just sat with their qualifying human counterparts for support.

3. Voter Guide Dog.

We did our civic duty and voted #ivoted #pollingstationdogs #dogsatpollingstations

A photo posted by Lydia Middaugh (@lydiadeneez) on

Although some joined voting humans all the way into the booth.

4. The Ineligible.

Can you even hold that little punchy-pen thing, dog?

5. The Model Citizen.

This guy is a little basket of handsome, is what he is.

6. The Voter-From-Home.

This dog voted weeks ago and has been waiting a loonngg time for the results.

7. The Hoper.

I voted! ?? (photo by @missivygram)

A photo posted by Luna (@lunasjourneys) on

Some dogs had their side-eye on the future. We all will be looking that way, and hoping for the best.

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