Dogs’ Adventures Raise Money for Worthy Causes

"Lulu & Lolly’s Road Trip” calendars have raised thousands for animal charities in Texas.

Meet Lulu and Lolly – pint-size calendar girls who are raising big money for animal charities.

The Bichon Frises’ first calendar, 2006’s “Lulu & Lolly’s Road Trip,” raised thousands of dollars for the Austin, Texas, animal shelter where owners Cynthia Miller and Dean Rindy adopted Lolly. Indeed, the 2006 and subsequent calendars were so successful that Lulu and Lolly now have their own website, and a soon-to-be released book.

This year’s 2009 calendar, which features the two dogs taking on imaginary adventures like skydiving, river rafting, and snowboarding, has been picked up by a major publisher.

The couple got the idea to raise money for dogs after Hurricane Katrina. Miller, who runs a political media and communications firm with Rindy, credits the formerly abused Lolly for helping to inspire the calendar project, and for allowing the Harvard-educated lawyer to tap into her “funny, goofy side,” Miller says.

“I got involved in politics because I believed in the importance of making an impact,” Miller told the Ladies Home Journal. “But by reaching out and helping an animal like Lolly one-on-one, I learned how powerful that connection is.”

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