Doggie Daycare to the Rescue

Many dogs and owners are happier with a little doggie daycare.

As busy professionals working long hours, Kris and Mike Carpenter of California thought bringing a new dog into their lives would be impossible – that is, until Kris investigated Wags & Wiggles Dog Daycare in Rancho Santa Margarita. Impressed with the staff and range of services, the couple adopted Chezney, an energetic 1-year-old Irish Setter. They promptly enrolled her in daycare and obedience classes, and, says Kris Carpenter, “It’s been magic ever since.” 

Not only has Chezney, now 3, thrived on the socialization and exercise she receives at daycare, but the dog who once knew little beyond her own name has become rock-solid in obedience and excels in agility. “We’ve taken about every class they offer,” Carpenter says. “Chezney acts excited and happy about going to daycare, and the cool part is you can look at their webcam and see the dogs.”

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