Doggie Bag

Find out what to pack for your trip with your canine friend.

  • Bedding

  • Bowls for water and food

  • Brush

  • Can opener for canned food

  • Cleanup Bags

  • Crate or seatbelt restraint system for traveling in the car

  • Dog food; for special therapeutic diets; extra in case you can’t find it in stores at your destination.

  • Heartworm pills and other prescribed medications.

  • Leashes

  • On your dog: identification tags.

  • Plastic jug of water for your dog to avoid possible upset stomach the first day (water in new areas may contain minerals or bacteria that a dog needs time to adjust to).

  • Ramp for senior dog or one with joint problems.

  • Towels for muddy paws.

  • Treats and toys.

  • Your dog’s registration and proof of rabies certificate, especially if you’re leaving the country.

  • Your veterinarian’s telephone number (in case your forget required medications).

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