Dogdom’s Finest of 2005

Annual Show Dogs dinner honors the best and brightest.

As the 51st annual Dogs in Review Show Dogs of the Year Awards, presented by Natures Recipe, got underway Saturday, Feb. 12,  at New Yorks Grand Hyatt hotel, industry leaders mingled with top judges, breeders, owners, and handlers.

Upon moving into the Manhattan Ballroom, the crowd of 300 guests was greeted by Dogs in Review and Dog World Editor-in-Chief Allan Reznik, who introduced publisher BowTie Inc.s chairman of the board, Norman Ridker. He reaffirmed the companys devotion to the fancy, saying, We care about dogs, we care about champions, and we care about champion performance. You fuel our passion and our pride in all things dog.

Reznik then introduced the evenings hosts Patricia Trotter and Dr. Carmen Battaglia, judges, authors, and respected members of the fancy, and recognized author, judge, and breeder Richard Beauchamp, who had initiated the Winkies as part of the much-loved Kennel Review Awards of the past and helped BowTie to revive them.

When invited to speak, Nicole Murphy, associate brand manager for Natures Recipe, Del Monte Pet Products, continued the evenings theme, as she said, We commend your devotion, passion, and enthusiasm for dogs.

Special Industry Awards
The awards presentations began with Vice President of Advertising Jeff Scharf introducing sponsors for the Special Industry Awards which recognize individual contributions to dogs at the community level.

Winning the Trainer of the Year Award, sponsored by Comfort Zone with D.A.P, was Lisa Clifton-Bumpass of Hayward, Calif. She spoke of her Friday morning class for owners whose dogs have serious behavior problems, yet are all loved companions, and gave homage to the many who had helped her become the trainer she is today.

One of the evenings touching moments followed as Dr. Michael Reinhart was named the Hartz Veterinarian of the Year, an award sponsored by The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Tales of his staffs untiring efforts to rescue both animals and people after a series of hurricanes struck Florida, home of his practice, brought tears to many. Despite his work to educate young people in the community about animal care, he downplayed his role, saying, I’m just a little guy who gets up in the morning and goes to work Some days I do make a difference.

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