This Dog Is Too Cool For Kisses With Owner

The dog's owner just wants a smooch, but in a surprising form of canine rejection, the dog refuses.

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"No, human. You are not worthy of my kisses."
Chrissa Hardy

Most pets, dogs especially, are pure snuggle bugs that offer constant affection.

But in a video uploaded to YouTube this week by AFV Animals, a pet owner leans down to give her dog a kiss, and the dog actually refuses.

What the WHAAT?

Ooh, BURN. Via YouTube

Ooh, BURN. Via YouTube

The 0:17 video is short, but shows the dog rejecting the owner’s smooch multiple times with a slightly snobby turn of the head. When the woman straightens up and moves away, the dog’s head turns back to her and seems normal. Then as she moves back in for a kiss, the dog moves her head away.

You can practically hear the dog saying, “Uh, yeah. Not gonna happen, simple human.”


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