Dog Spotted Snuggling With Puppies At Grave Site Believed To Belong To Owner

In this viral photo, a dog is seen curled up with puppies at a grave believed to belong to the dog's owner.

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Is your heart growing three sizes yet? Via ElielHillelOfficial/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

If you’re on the verge of releasing a burst of weepy feels, this photo of a dog curled up with puppies at a grave site will absolutely send you over the edge.

The photo, which has gone viral on Facebook, shows a dog nestled tightly with puppies at a grave that had been dug out. It appears the dog dug the hole as a safe shelter for herself (or himself) and the pups, but the details are still unclear.

The caption on the original post states that the dog was visiting the grave of its deceased owner.

“I have tears in my eyes. My whole body shivers… It’s unbelievable. This dog dug a huge hole on the grave of the owner. To stay close to the one they love the most,” the original post reads.

However, the dog could just be a stray that needed a dry place to stay. Either way, the photo perfectly captures the tenacity of the canine spirit to survive and protect their loved ones. Dogs are just the best.

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