Dog Whose Favorite Toy Is Stuffed Santa Loses Mind Upon Meeting The Real Thing


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Her Christmas wish already came true. Via John Mantaldo/Twitter
Anastasia Thrift

Sometimes, meeting our heroes can be a let-down. We find out they’re just regular people or they don’t live up to our expectations. But for one dog, seeing her hero in the flesh looks like it did not disappoint.

Shiba Inu Kya of Orlando, Florida, got to meet the real version of her favorite toy — Santa — and her owner posted a very cute picture of the happy encounter to Twitter last week. Kya sports a huge smile and, based on responses to the picture, so does every person who sees it.

Owner John Montaldo’s tweet is pretty adorable, so there’s not much reason to wonder why the response is so big. You can see Kya eyeballing the toy in the first picture and then dropping her jaw in the second picture when she sees her main man.

This is the best example of hero-meeting we’ve seen in a while. Better than dog-meets-life-size-Gumby-toy, even. (And definitely more successful than cat-meets-life-size-shark-bed-shark.)

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