Dog Who’s Scared Of Fireworks Watches Dog Videos To Stay Calm

The Fourth of July can be a scary day for pets, but one dog had it handled.

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Joey watches dog videos to keep calm during the fireworks. Via emily/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

The Fourth of July was just a few days ago, and my dogs might still be unhappy about it. The fireworks started midday, causing both dogs to bark. Firework noise, bark, firework noise, bark. Luckily, there wasn’t too much of that during the day, and they seemed more annoyed by it than anything else. But then it got dark outside and not only were there big firework displays going off at a nearby park, neighbors were setting them off right in front of the house. It was loud and the dogs were scared. No barking, just running around the house looking for a place to escape the “boom,” which was, apparently, the kitchen (right in front of the treats cabinet, of course).

While it took a central part of the house and dog biscuits to calm my dogs down, 18-year-old Emily Kuang’s dog, Joey, was introduced to a different method. The Fremont, California, resident posted a short video of Joey on Twitter on July 4 that shows the Golden Retriever lying on a bed with headphones on and watching dog videos on an iPad.

And it’s absolutely adorable.

It’s definitely the cutest method of keeping a dog calm that we’ve seen yet.

How did your pets do on the Fourth of July? Share your story in the comments.

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