Rescue Dog Who Protected Family Against Rattlesnake Is Going Home

Haus was bitten three times protecting a little girl and her grandmother.

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Haus was bitten three times by a rattlesnake last week. He is expected to go home today. Via
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The German Shepherd rescue dog who last week stood his ground between a rattlesnake and two of his family members is going home from the animal hospital after about a week of snakebite treatment.

“We hope that Haus will get to go home today,” the dog’s vet Jennifer Holm said on “Good Morning America.”  “We are doing a couple more checks on him early this afternoon and, fingers crossed, we hope that he will get to go home either today or tomorrow.”

A crowdfunding page was set up to help offset the costs of Haus’ medical treatment. It reached $52,549 ($28,000 was requested) before the page was closed. Any proceeds not used in the care of Haus will be directed to Heidi’s Legacy Rescue and other charities, according to a post on Haus’ GoFundMe page.

Haus was bitten three times by the snake, apparently protecting Molly DeLuca, 7, and her grandmother. He was injected with so much venom that he was put on an antivenin drip to counteract the effects.

“I would almost say it seems miraculous based on the turnaround we had from last week,” said Molly’s mom Donya DeLuca, who told the news show that she felt Haus did everything to keep her family safe.

“It’s easy to see for anyone who’s spent any time with Haus and our children that he absolutely nannies our children and watches out for them,” she explained. “It’s common for him to sweep the yard or check everything out when he goes out, and he stood his ground and continued to charge when a large, venomous snake was attacking him.”

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