‘Dog Whisperer’ Looking for Submissions

Show is asking for videos of dogs with specific problems.

The National Geographic Channel’s “Dog Whisperer” TV show is looking for new stories for the series.

Anyone who wishes to be considered for the show must submit a five- to seven-minute video. Applicants should introduce themselves, including their name, age and occupation, as well as the dog’s name, age, and breed.

Then talk about problems the dog is having, and how these issues are affecting your life. The show would also like submissions to capture at least three instances of the dog’s bad behavior, without putting yourself or the dog in harm’s way.

When making the video, “Dog Whisperer” also asks that applicants:

  • Try to keep the cameras as still as possible.
  • Avoid having the date and time on the screen.
  • Don’t zoom in too close to the dog, so that as much of the environment can be seen as possible.
  • Avoid backlighting on subjects around doors and windows.

Video files are accepted in most formats except digital still cameras and cell phones. The show says it’s unable to return videotapes, so if you’d like to keep the footage, make a copy for yourself.

“Dog Whisperer” is currently looking for these specific stories:

  • Dogs fearful of thunderstorms or fireworks.
  • Dog trainers that have dogs with unsolvable problems.
  • Professional dog walkers with uncontrollable packs.
  • Mobile pet groomers that have trouble with some of their clients.
  • Mobile veterinarians who encounter problems on their routes.
  • Extremely aggressive dogs.

For more information, including where to download release forms and send submissions, visit http://cesarmillaninc.com/dogwhisperer/submissions.php

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  • Can you please send me the email for submissions? The one above doesn’t seem to go through. I would love to send a video of my Golden Retriever who refuses to go on a normal walk from our house. She’s a great girl, almost 5 years old. But….She has to get in the car in order to go for a walk. Usually the Park
    only 4 blocks away! She absolutely refuses to take a walk around the neighborhood from our home day or night.
    I live in Encino, Ca.
    Please help!!!

    Jodi Leininger October 27, 2016 12:31 am Reply

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