Dog Rocks A Pair Of Crocs Better Than Most Humans

A Boxer puts on a pair of Crocs and walks around the house like he was born to wear those exceptionally ugly shoes.

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"Do these holey slippers match my collar?"
Chrissa Hardy

Crocs are not known for being cute shoes. Quite the opposite, actually. But when a dog put on a pair and walked around the house, the strange rubbery kicks became cute if not somewhat cool.

In a video uploaded to YouTube Sunday by lolzing4gifs, a white Boxer puts its front paws into a pair of black Crocs and stomps awkwardly, yet purposefully, around the living room.

Time to put your shoes on! Via YouTube

Time to put your shoes on! Via lolzing4gifs/YouTube

Because the shoes are much larger than the dog’s paws, the steps taken resemble more of the strained shuffle of an elderly man than a smooth, confident strut, but it’s still quite impressive.

They call this the Croc Walk. Via YouTube

They call this the Croc Walk. Via lolzing4gifs/YouTube

And it’s probably the best use for Crocs, really.

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