Dog Wearing Vest Forgets How To Dog

When this dog rocks a vest, it immediately forgets how to function as a dog.

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"What is this soft contraption you've wrapped around my body?"
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to throw you off your game. And in the case of one dog, all it took was a vest.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Maren Pamell, a little girl puts a vest on her dog, and immediately after the vest is on, the dog forgets how to dog.

Via Maren Pamell/YouTube

Proof that looking good doesn’t always mean feeling good. Via Maren Pamell/YouTube

It just… falls right over onto the floor.

Via Maren Pamell/YouTube

Annnnnnnnnnd DOWN. Via Maren Pamell/YouTube

The dog raises one paw, in what looks like an attempt to wiggle out of the vest, or test the vests stretchability, and then freezes in an immobile pose of panic just as it topples over sideways.

Today is not your day, dog. Maybe just head back to bed and give it another go tomorrow.

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