Adorable Cast-Wearing Dog Hobbles Into Our Hearts In New Amazon Prime Ad

Amazon Prime's newest ad tugs at our heartstrings by featuring an injured dog.

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Is this the cutest commercial of the year?
Chrissa Hardy

Amazon Prime has made our lives a whole lot easier, and in a cute new ad, it shows how the service can makes our pets’ lives easier, too.

In the commercial, uploaded yesterday to YouTube by, a dog named Flash hobbles through a park while wearing a cast on one of his hind legs. He follows his owner, Jessie, and frequently stops to make jealous eyes at all the injury-free pups around him bounding every which way on healthy legs.

Finally, after getting a hard stare from Flash, Jessie realizes his pup’s discomfort and smartly plops down on a bench to order something from Amazon Prime (as we all do throughout the day).

The next day, Jessie and Flash take their daily walk, but this time Flash is being carried like a baby against Jessie’s chest.

Flash, we’re all jealous of you now.

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