Dog Smiles Proudly While Wearing Braces

Oh, you thought braces were just for human tweens? Wrong. Dogs can get them too!

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Humans might be embarrassed about needing braces. But Wesley the dog sure isn't. Via Harborfront Hospital for Animals/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

The majority of people who need braces are emotionally delicate teenagers who then have to endure the presence of metal brackets in their mouths and possible ridicule from their peers. It’s not fun. But humans aren’t the only ones who need braces – dogs sometimes need ’em, too!

Dr. James Moore is a veterinarian at Harborfront Hospital for Animals in Spring Lake, Michigan, and in just one Facebook post he is raising awareness on the importance of canine dental care. Luckily for him, the message has been embraced by the Internet, thanks to his adorable dog patient named Wesley, who seems more than happy to be sporting a new pair of braces.

In the photos Dr. Moore took of Wesley, the pup is smiling proudly, probably because he needs these braces for more than just straighter, prettier chompers. Wesley had been suffering with teeth so crooked that it was hard for him to shut his mouth.

According to the Facebook post, Wesley will only need to wear the braces for a few weeks (and our 13-year-old selves all sigh in relief on Wesley’s behalf), but whether it’s a few weeks or a year, Wesley doesn’t seem to mind.

Tweens needing braces could learn a thing or two from Wesley.

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