Dog Watches Over Deceased Friend Until Help Arrives

A photo of a dog standing guard over his dead canine friend shows dogs' true loyalty.

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A dog was found on the side of the road standing guard over another dog who was presumably hit and killed by a car. Via Julie Fennell/Facebook

A photograph showing true canine compassion until the end is tugging at hearts everywhere as it makes its way across the Internet.

On Sunday, the photo surfaced on social media showing a Great Pyrenees standing guard over a deceased dog. The image, taken by Samuel Flores, captures the dogs emotions as he sits — believed to be for hours — over his friend who apparently was hit and killed by a vehicle near the Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery in Texas, reports KXAS Channel 5, the area’s NBC affiliate.

“He was just kinda sitting like guard, like a statue, just sitting there watching over his friend’s body,” animal advocate Julie Fennell told the station, adding it looked as if the Great Pyrenees drug her friend from the road to the grass.

Fennell and another volunteer reportedly rushed to the dog after Flores posted the photo on Fennell’s Facebook page.

The Great Pyrenees is attended to after sitting watch over his deceased friend. Via Facebook

The Great Pyrenees is attended to after sitting watch over his deceased friend. Via Julie Fennell/Facebook

KXAS reports that nobody seems to know the dog’s story, who, although covered in burrs and fleas, seems to be in good condition. It also is not clear if he was a stray or what his exact relationship was with the dog he was dedicated to watching over.

Fennell took the Great Pyrenees to Dallas Animal Services and learned he did not have microchip implant. He reportedly will be held for a few days to see if an owner will claim him. If no one does, he’ll be released to SPIN Rescue, a Great Pyrenees rescue group, Fennell said.

Off to safety and some loving care! Via Facebook

Off to safety and some loving care! Via Julie Fennell/Facebook

“I’m glad he’s safe,” she told KXAS. “I hope he knows that he’s headed for safety.”

UPDATE 11/12/2015: The dogs have been identified, and the Great Pyrenees has been returned home. Click here to read the whole story.

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