Dog Freaks Out Over His Favorite Movie

A dog named Stryker cannot contain his excitement while watching Disney's "Bolt."

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"BOLT! I know him! I know him!!"

We can all agree that watching movies provides endless hours of entertainment, and apparently that applies to dogs, too.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by user K9Stryker in August 2009 (but is still on a viral run because it’s THAT amazing), a dog named Stryker loses his mind when he watches Disney’s “Bolt” on TV.

"Bolt! It's me, Stryker! Remember me?" Via YouTube

“Bolt! It’s me, Stryker! Remember me?” Via K9Stryker/YouTube

“Bolt” is Stryker’s favorite movie, and whenever Bolt the dog is on the screen, Stryker jumps around with glee and throws his toys around the room. It’s like Bolt is his BFF, and when Bolt takes off on an adventure, Stryker wants to go with him.

"I'm right behind ya, Bolt! Lead the way."Via YouTube

“I’m right behind ya, Bolt! Lead the way.” Via K9Stryker/YouTube

What’s even funnier is that Stryker completely ignores the real dog in the room (Meeka), and has more fun with Bolt instead.

Poor Meeka. Always second to Bolt.

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