Dog Wash of the Future Hits Texas

An Australian-made, coin-operated dog wash machine makes its U.S. splash in Midland.

Wash and go. That’s the concept behind the first “Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash” machine up and running in Midland, Texas.

The coin-operated system uses the Australian-made K9000 Self Service Dog Wash cleans, treats fleas, conditions, and rinses dogs in 10 minutes. And all for $10, said Erik MacPherson, president of TMC Pet Vending Solutions, which distributes the system. For larger, longhaired dog breeds – or particularly dirty dogs – owners can buy an extended 15-minute wash.

“It is just like a self-serve car wash,” he said. “It’s a big, growing trend.”

The self-contained, self-serve dog wash unit is designed to keep pets safe, he said. When a dog steps inside, two chain links can tether the dog on one side.

To start the process, pet owners select the shampoo, then click on the coconut-based conditioner. Then a one-minute flea treatment is followed by a rinse and a two-speed dryer. The cleansing products used are free of chemicals.

“The whole idea is to get you in and out as quickly as possible,” he said. “People can come and use the equipment at their own convenience.”

Dogs of every breed and size can be washed in the K9000. Even cats have been washed in the dog wash, MacPherson said.

“It really is a pet wash,” he said. “If you wanted to bring your ferret and wash your ferret, that’s OK.”

Several other U.S. locations are in the process of installing the newly introduced dog wash model, he said, including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia and Ohio. The cost of the dog wash machine is $21, 995.

“You’ll see them popping up at dog parks and animal shelters,” he said, “It gives $10 to the shelter and the people know their money goes to a good cause.”

The new dog wash in Midland will be open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the Mesa Verde Shopping Center.

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