Dog Wants to Play Fetch, But Cat Steals the Stick

Animated dog gets revenge on Simon’s Cat in the best way possible.


 Simon’s Cat/YouTube

As anyone who lives in a household with at least one dog and one cat can tell you, sometimes they get along wonderfully and other times they’re mortal enemies. And sometimes one wants to be friends while the other is having nothing to do with such a thing. That seems to be the case in this Simon’s Cat video.

Simon’s Cat has decided to build a snow cat in his likeness, of course. As he’s getting into the festivities, his dog friend (or at least the dog believes they’re friends), approaches with a stick for a little break from all that snow-building work. What better to have fun with than a quick game of fetch? The dog drops the stick (naturally), and eagerly waits for Simon’s Cat to pick it up and toss it. Instead, the cat does the most decidedly unfriendly act and breaks the stick in half for his own selfish gain – arms for his snow cat. The dog is left shocked and devastated. Clearly. He’s a dog. He wanted to play fetch with his friend. The dog, however, perseveres and takes one of the stick halves back… right before he exacts his revenge on Simon’s Cat by peeing all over the side of his snow cat, causing it to melt and fall over right on top of Simon’s Cat. The dog, or course, happily takes the other half of the stick.

Perhaps Simon’s Cat has learned his lesson: never pass up the opportunity to play fetch with a dog; he may get pissy.


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