Dog Walking For Dollars

Get out this summer and earn some spending money with the best summer job around.

PugSchool is out, and the days are getting longer. Time for a summer job, say the parents.

What’s the best job you can imagine? Does it involve dogs, being outside, not having a boss and making your own hours? Sound too good to be true? Its not! You can become a dog walker.

A dog walker is someone who goes to a clients home (usually while the client is at work during the day or while on vacation), picks up the dog, takes him for a walk and returns him home. The goal is for the dog to go to the restroom and get some daytime exercise and companionship.

Although being a dog walker may sound easy, it requires a lot of responsibility. You are taking someones beloved pet into your own hands, so you must be up to the challenge.

Get the Word Out
To begin with, keep your eyes open for dogs in your neighborhood. If you don’t have someone to drive you, you will need to walk (or bike, skateboard, scooter, etc.) to your job. Look for homes with dogs near your own home. In metropolitan areas, like New York City, this can be easy. In a suburban or more rural area, it might be more difficult. However, if you have someone to drive you around, any dog owner you know is a potential client!

Second: Network, network, network. Networking is when you talk to as many people who can help you as possible. Talk to your parents. Do they have friends with dogs who would like your services? How about your relatives? Maybe your uncle would like his dog walked. Neighbors also make good clients.

Make sure you have a business card with your name and number on it to give to people you know so that they can get a hold of you if they are interested (do not give business cards to strangers).

Draw up a business card, and take it to your local printing place (FedEx Kinkos, for example). For a small fee, you easily can have some made. Or just make copies on some thick paper and cut them out yourself. Make extras in case a friend or family member offers to help you spread the word.

Also, consider placing fliers offering your services in the mailboxes of neighbors with dogs or posting them on the bulletin board at your church.

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