Dog Wakes Owner In The Sweetest Way Possible

Instead of jumping on his head or barking in his ear, this dog wakes her owner up in a super cute way.

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"Maybe if I just stare at him like a creeper, he'll wake up?" Via Tom Brown/YouTube
Chrissa Hardy

Most dogs get a ton of sleep every day. So they don’t really understand how much humans cherish a solid night of rest. And if they’d like us to wake up by a certain time, they’ll jump on our heads, bark in our ears, or rip the covers off with their teeth in order to get us up and at ’em.

But not Lexi. Lexi is a super sweet Samoyed, and in a video uploaded to YouTube by Tom Brown, she wakes her owner up gently and softly.

Via Tom Brown/YouTube

“Dad, rise and shine! I need to pee so you need to wake up.” Via Tom Brown/YouTube

First, she lightly paws at her owner’s chest.

Via Tom Brown/YouTube

“Ok, fine. I’ll try kisses and nose rubs.” Via Tom Brown/YouTube

Next, she leans in and softly nuzzles his nose.

Via Tom Brown/YouTube

“Seriously, Dad. Unless you want these white sheets to turn yellow, you need to get up, ASAP.” Via Tom Brown/YouTube

Finally, when the super gently approach doesn’t appear to be working, she places her paw flat on his face.

Nothing forceful or over the top, but it did the trick! Lexi knows how to get her way, that’s for sure.

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