Lazy Lab Refuses To Budge For Hardworking Roomba

A Roomba tries to clean the floor while a very lazy dog refuses to move or even acknowledge its existence.

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Roomba wants to play! Dog has zero interest.
Chrissa Hardy

When a dog wants to relax, there’s really nothing that could stop him from doing just that — not even an intrusive household appliance, apparently.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals yesterday, a lazy yellow Lab Retriever naps on a wooden floor when a Roomba approaches, doing its job cleaning said floor.

"Hi, I'm here to clean the floor." Via YouTube

“Hi, I’m here to clean the floor.” Via YouTube

The Roomba bumps into the dog, but the dog pays it no mind. You would think having a little robot vacuuming around its legs would prompt the snoozing pooch to get up and go nap somewhere else, allowing the Roomba to continue its cleaning task.

Pshhh. As if.

"Um, excuse me? I really need to clean this part of the floor." Via YouTube

“Um, excuse me? I really need to clean this part of the floor.” Via YouTube

The dog barely has the energy or interest to lift the paws that the Roomba nudges against while tracing the line of the animal’s body.

"EARTH TO CANINE: I need to do my job here!" Via YouTube

“EARTH TO CANINE: I need to do my job here!” Via YouTube

When the Roomba comes around the front of the dog, the dog FINALLY reacts. But alas, it’s simply to switch positions and nap on its stomach as opposed to its side.

Better luck next time, Roomba.

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