Dog Video Roundup: Treats, Teeth and Time on a Bed

Check out the dog who’s patient with his human, the dog who’s willing to show his mean face and another dog who was allowed on the bed for the first time ever.


 Sara Yaciuk/Facebook

When you write and edit articles about dogs, you get to spend your mornings scouring the Internet for dog videos and call it research. Today we found three we just couldn’t keep to ourselves. These dogs are cute and charming, making us want to spend our afternoon watching the videos over and over. We think you’ll want to do the same.

1. Treats. All dogs love them, right? If your dogs are anything like mine, they don’t like to wait to eat them. The dog in the video posted by Sara Yaciuk on YouTube is not so impatient. He’s covered in treats and waits until he receives the command to take one.

2. Teeth. The Rottweiler puppy in this video is too cute. He can’t wait to show off his “mean face,” eager to please his human.

3. Time on a Bed. One of my dogs loves to be on the bed. He will climb up every chance he gets, even after the bedding was freshly washed or when the bed is full of clothes waiting to be folded. I have often found him sleeping on it with his head on the pillow. But there are a lot of dogs who’ve never been allowed on a bed, like the rescue dog in this next video. Millie is on the bed for the first time and it is just so cute to watch.

Which of these three videos is your favorite?


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