Dog Video Roundup: The Head Tilt

We don't know what gets these dogs turning heads, but whatever it is it's cute! Check out these videos that are just too cute!

All dogs do it, maybe your dog is doing it right now! Whether they are listening, confused or just plain being cute, the head-tilt is a classic doggie move that never fails to bring about smiles. Here are 6 dog-gone cute videos of dogs doing the “tilt.”


This cutie takes listening to a new level. We wish our dog was this attentive!


 Getting back to her roots, this little puppy isn’t quite sure what to make of howling wolves.


 These 3 Pugs just can’t decide what they want to do with their evening. It’s a lot to think about!


Did you like that last video with all of the Pugs? Good because they’re back and now there are 4!

This German Shepherd could make head-tilting an Olympic event. Great angles, good form!


We leave you with this final head-tilt featuring a Pit Bull — and yes, those are baby chickens.


Does your dog do the “tilt?” Tell us what gets your dog’s head turning in the comments below!


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