Dog Somehow Loses Fight Against Inflatable Minion Toy

When faced with a Minion, it's best to avoid a confrontation. This dog learned that the hard way.

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Dog vs. Minion Kevin. What could go wrong?

Minions are trouble. That much we know. From wreaking havoc on the big screen to inciting chaos on the streets of Ireland, we have all learned it’s best to stay far, far away from these little yellow instigators.

Unfortunately, a dog named Arne Doodle had to learn this lesson the hard way. In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, little Arne takes on an inflatable Minion Kevin toy… and loses.

"Are you saying you want a piece of me?" Via YouTube

“Are you saying you want a piece of me, little pup?” Via Arne Doodle/YouTube

It starts with your typical sparring and sniffing. Then the kerfuffle escalates to a full-on battle between canine and weeble-wobble.


“YOU WANT A PIECE OF ME?! YOU GOT IT.” Via Arne Doodle/YouTube

Arne Doodle starts hitting harder and harder without realizing that each hit results in a stronger return wobble from Minion Kevin. Arne then gives the toy one last big hit, probably thinking the battle is over. But then Minion Kevin hits back, and knocks Arne down out of view.

Lesson learned, Arne? Never mess with a Minion.

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