Dog Urinary Concerns

Not neutering your dog can cause plenty of potty problems.

Q. My male Rat Terrier is 9-months-old and because of financial worries, we have been unable to get him neutered. There are programs to assist with this procedure, but because of the added complication of a testicle that has not dropped, its still very expensive. Is it possible that this testicle issue is affecting his ability to go for long periods of times without urinating? Or make it less controllable? When I take him out some mornings he will lift his leg and go a little, then he will also go outside. My thought was perhaps the testicle was pressing on his bladder. Or is it because he’s an unfixed male and he’s marking his territory?

Either way, housebreaking him has been a challenge in itself. I have sought some online guidance for training him, and have put a training plan into effect. But I wanted to explore all the possibilities.

Dr. Jon GellerA. Most likely your Rat Terrier is displaying marking behavior, partly due to high-testosterone levels. A retained testicle does not usually cause your dogs urination problem by pushing on the bladder, but definitely secretes testosterone.

The longer you wait for the neutering surgery, the more ingrained the marking behavior will become.

Surgery for a cryptorchid (undescended testicle) definitely will be more expensive than a routine neutering. Sometimes abdominal exploration is required, since the testicle can be found anywhere from the inguinal ring, located near the groin, to the kidney.

Hopefully, you can find a way to get the surgery done in the near future to help your dog with his urination issues. Most likely, it will help solve the urination problem.

Jon Geller, DVM

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