Dog With Unique Facial Scars Finds Forever Home

Lisa is a puppy who has been described as "unusual looking," but she was just adopted by a family who loves her exactly how she is.

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Lisa is one lucky little lady! Via Jackie McMillan/HSSV/The Dodo

Upon her arrival at the Humane Society of Silicon Valley, 10-week-old puppy Lisa surprised people with her appearance.

She was described as “unusual looking” by the staff at HSSV because of the scars all over her face and her and her cherry eye condition (inflamed eyelids), which required corrective surgery, The Dodo reports.

All I see is a sweet dog who's full of life. Via The Dodo/Jackie McMillan/HSSV

All I see is a sweet dog who’s full of life. Via Jackie McMillan/HSSV/The Dodo

Despite her physical setbacks, HSSV employee Finnegan Dowling told The Dodo, “she was a pretty typical wiggly, squirmy, happy puppy. She loves other dogs and toys, is ridiculously kissy and she’ll lick your nose clean off… She wasn’t hesitant or frightened or timid at all.”

That “sparkling personality” won over Christine Doblar and her family, who had recently lost their Chihuahua, Luna, and visited the shelter in the hopes of finding a new canine companion for themselves and their older dog.

Since being embraced by her new loving family for her quirks and flaws, Lisa has been renamed “Lucky” and is being showered with affection.

A happy ending indeed.

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