Dog Named Trigger Accidentally Shoots Owner

A woman was out hunting when her dog, Trigger, accidentally shot her in the foot.

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This could've been so much worse. Via ABC57 News

Well this story is all kinds of unfortunate.

An Indiana woman was accidentally shot in the foot by her dog, whose name, ironically, happens to be Trigger, ABC57 News reports. Allie Carter, 25, was hunting at the Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area in Syracuse when she put her 12-gauge shotgun on the ground without the safety on, and as you can gather, 10-year-old Trigger stepped on the trigger.

Via ABC57 News

Indiana Conservation Officer Jonathon Boyd recommends treating every gun as if it is loaded. Via ABC57 News

“It was just an accident that occurred and just to serve as a stark reminder of some of the safety measures we should take,” Indiana Conservation Officer Jonathon Boyd told ABC57 News.

Authorities later told the news station that Carter was released from the hospital with minor foot injuries. Trigger, a chocolate Labrador, was not injured in the accidental shooting.

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