Dog Watching Scary Movie Tries To Protect Little Girl From Ghost

Back off, scary ghost. This little girl is protected by a movie-loving English Bulldog.

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"Why doesn't this girl listen to me when I tell her to run?" Via Khaleesi12/Rumble
Stephanie Brown

Have you ever watched a movie and found yourself yelling at the screen, trying to tell the characters what to do or where to go? We always end up yelling at people in scary movies because they usually make the worst possible decisions. Yeah, sure, let’s go into the basement to investigate that strange sound you heard right after the power went out.

This inclination to try to communicate through the screen isn’t just a human quirk, a video posted to Rumble shows. In the clip, uploaded by Khaleesi12, a dog watching the horror flick “Crimson Peak” does her best to help a little girl who gets a super creepy visit from a ghost. Or is it a witch? Or demon? Whatever it is, it is not there to gossip about boys and braid hair.

The clip starts when the little girl appears to hear something and turns over in bed, facing down a long hallway. The dog, a 4-year-old English Bulldog named Khaleesi, seems to sense something bad is about to go down and knowingly glances back at the camera as if to say now might be a good time to close your eyes.

"Stuff's about to get real."   Khaleesi12/Rumble

“Stuff’s about to get real.” Khaleesi12/Rumble

And she is right. The ghost-witch-demon appears and as soon as the film cuts back to the little girl, the Bulldog starts barking at the screen as if begging the girl to DON’T JUST SIT THERE, RUN!!

When the little girl fails to heed her advice, Khaleesi barks louder and faster, as if to scare away Witchy McGhostdemon.

"Be gone, scary ghost demon!"

“Be gone, scary ghost demon!”

The ghost eventually goes away and the girl appears unharmed… for now. But you can rest assure that Khaleesi will be standing watch, ready to warn the little girl again if need be. If only she would listen!

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