Dog Doesn’t Understand Why Doll Won’t Play Fetch

A dog mistakes a doll for a human and is extremely baffled when the lifelike toy doesn't want to play fetch.

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"I give you the toy. You throw the toy. That's how this works."

The rules of playing fetch are very simple: the human throws, and the dog retrieves. Rinse and repeat.

It’s not even a game that needs to be taught, because it’s so easy that any person or pup can grasp the concept. But in a video uploaded to YouTube by Kyoot Animals, a dog has trouble getting a human to understand how to play fetch, mainly because that human isn’t a human at all. It’s a doll.

 Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“Here, I brought you this. You know what to do.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The dog clearly thinks the doll is an actual person, though, because it does everything from barking and nudging the doll, to waiting patiently for the doll to respond and toss the toy across the room.

"Here I brought you this. You know what to do." Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“Dude, what’s her deal? Does she not understand how to play?” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

The dog’s Husky friend even investigates, and either isn’t fooled by the lifelike doll, or doesn’t care.

 Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

“You know what? FINE. I’ll just sit right here until you toss my toy.” Via Kyoot Animals/YouTube

But this dog is so determined to get this lazy being to play, that it finally lays down on the floor and waits for a response.

Pup, you’re going to be waiting a lonnnnnggg time.

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