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Finding the right dog toy for your dog's needs.

Finding the right dog toy for your dog's needs.

Wendy Elliott of San Antonio, Texas, searches the dog toy aisle at her local pet-supply store. Finding just the right toy for her 3-year-old Pug Fenway is fun, but also challenging.

He doesn’t like squeaky toys, and he is not a ball dog, she says. He is often more partial to my kids stuffed animals than some of the dog toys I buy.

But Elliott obviously enjoys searching for toys that appeal to her and her dogs unique sense of play. Oh look, a cute little stuffed hedgehog, she says. If its cute, then its appealing to me. But I also look for toys that will last and are size appropriate for a Pug. Fenway can’t play with a toy designed for a Labrador Retrievers mouth.

Thirty years ago, most dog owners were not as savvy, and dog toys reflected that less-sophisticated culture. Balls and chew toys were about it in that era. And most toys were one size fits all.

Today, toy trends follow consumer demands for high-end, high-tech toys that entertain and alleviate boredom, appeal to both people and canines, and come in as many sizes as there are dogs.

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