Dog Town USA Adds a New Dog Park

Coeur d’Alene, the Idaho town named Dog Town USA 2011, has become a bit more dog friendly, thanks in part to the $5,000 the town earned by winning the annual DOG FANCY competition.

A wonderful off-leash dog park was one of the strengths of the town’s entry, and now it has opened a second dog park, the Cherry Hill Dog Park.

DOG FANCY Editor Ernie Slone toured the second location in August when he visited the town and was impressed with the potential. “The second park is geographically situated to make it easier for residents to have a nearby location to exercise their dogs off leash without driving across town,’’ Slone says. “And all dog owners know that convenience can make a big difference in how often we have the time to go toss a ball or let our dogs get exercise.’’

Slone was impressed by how the locals had pulled together to turn the city into a dog-friendly location, and that again was the case with the new dog park.

 “Just as with the first dog park, the Kootenai County Dog Park Association partnered with the City and various volunteer groups to make this a possibility,’’ says Katie Kosanke of the city’s parks department. “Many donations from the community, along with Dog Fancy’s award, made this a reality.’’

Could your dog park or local shelter use $5,000 or more? Enter the annual Dog Town USA contest. Details about how to enter  will be published in the upcoming March issue of DOG FANCY.





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