Dog Gently Plays With The Tiniest Bunny You’ve Ever Seen

A dog named Meg has no idea what to do with this tiny bunny.

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"You're extremely small, but let's be best friends, OK?"
Chrissa Hardy

Question: What happens when a yellow Lab meets a baby bunny?


In a video uploaded to YouTube by David Jackson, a yellow Labrador Retriever named Meg meets a bunny named Little John Stamos, and the dog has no idea what to do with the tiny creature.

Via David Jackson/YouTube

“Well, aren’t you a tiny little thing?!” Via David Jackson/YouTube

The bunny isn’t scared of the dog, but the dog is adorably wary of the bunny. It’s like Meg knows how fragile Little John Stamos is and is on her best behavior in LJS’s presence.

Via David Jackson/YouTube

“Whoa, WHOA. Personal space, please.” Via David Jackson/YouTube

When the bunny starts hopping around, Meg hops up herself and is taken aback by the bunny’s boldness.

Via David Jackson/YouTube

“Yeah, you take the grass, I’ll just hang out under this bench over here.” Via David Jackson/YouTube

Then they find a way to peacefully coexist in the dewy grass. It’s all kinds of lovely.

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