Dog Is Awkwardly Stuck As Third Wheel While His Friends Play

This dog fully understands the struggle of being the third wheel.

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"I'll just be over here... if you guys need me... which you clearly don't sooo." noelaniig/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

We’ve all been there. You’re hanging out with a couple in love or two BFFs, and you suddenly realize that three’s a crowd and you are what make it a crowd.

Being the third wheel isn’t fun, and this dog learns that sad truth when his dog friends play two-dog games right in front of him. The video of this trio — that should really just be a duo — was posted on Instagram by @noelaniig and quickly went viral due to extreme hilarity… or maybe we all just know what it’s like to be the odd man dog out.

In the video, poor pup Indy sits on the sidelines while tug-of-war queens Mayby and Nala remain in an endless battle for toy domination.

????One more #TBT titled “when you’re the third wheel” @urbsub

A video posted by noelani g. (@noelaniig) on

Nala and Mayby are known for this extreme clique behavior, though, as they have a history of playing long games of tug-of-war, just the two of them.

Maybe they’re being a little too exclusive or maybe they’re just focused on being the Best Tugger Ever.

Either way, they should really give Indy a turn. He’s been so patient!

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