Dog that Looks Like a Bear? Or Just a Bear?

It doesn't matter what this adorable creature is - we love him!

The internet loves a good debate and the one over this fuzzy being is no exception. 

Bear dog, reddit 

Posted to Reddit by TheRedFoxx, with the caption, “somebody brought the bear into doggie day care,” this photo has caused people far and wide to question what dogs and bears actually look like. The post quickly amassed over 5,500 up votes and nearly 200 comments discussing people’s views on the “bear dog.”

Admit it, while deep down you know this is a dog (or maybe deep down you know it’s a bear,) out of context this picture can easily be mistaken for either one. Show it to your friends- see what they say!

And in case you still aren’t quite sure, here’s some more photographic evidence to help you decide…



This guy: 

Bear dog  

According to her owner, “bear dog,” is a Pomeranian named “Bounce.” But some “bear-lievers” aren’t convinced.     

What do you think? 

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