Dog Tells Little Girl to Not Disturb His Nap in Best Way

We’re guessing this child won’t wake her Boxer again.

Nap Time


Dogs love their nap time. Mine will sleep in the garden, under trees, on the couches and just about anywhere they please. What they don’t love is having that nap disturbed. They might nip at the offending person or thing that woke them. They might bark. They might just get up and walk away. For the Boxer in the video, the reaction was little more… vengeful, shall we say? Don’t worry; no one was hurt.

The Boxer was sleeping in the sand at the beach, probably enjoying his vacation with his doggy friend and human companion. That is, until his human, being a child, began rubbing her feet on him and pushing him a little. He accepted the behavior for awhile – after all this is a child – but finally had enough and got up. He didn’t just get up, though. In what we think was an effort to teach his human child a lesson about the importance of nap time, he then kicked sand on her. And not just a little dirt. A lot.

Take a look:

Hopefully the little girl learned her lesson and the Boxer was able to finish his nap.

Has your dog’s nap time ever been disturbed? How did he react?


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