Dog Tattles On Frenchie BFF For Destroying Toilet Paper

After getting into a pickle with a roll of toilet paper, a Frenchie is tattled on by her Bull Mastiff buddy. Some friend you are!

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Guess who dunnit?
Chrissa Hardy

We all have our moments when we get out of control and maybe break something after having a little too much fun. In such instances, we expect our friends to have our backs get us out of said jam, unscathed.

Well, unfortunately for a French Bulldog who chose to spend the day ripping toilet paper to shreds, not all friends can be trusted. In a video uploaded to YouTube last week by Rumble Viral, a pet owner comes home to her Frenchie wrapped up in the tattered remains of toilet paper, and she asks her Bull Mastiff who did it.

Tattle Tail Alert! Via YouTube

Tattle Tail Alert! Via YouTube

You would think the nervous wagging and you know… lack of ability to speak English, would be enough to cover for the Frenchie. But NO, because then the Bull Mastiff actually points to the Frenchie, blaming the bundle of brindle for all of it.

Psh, you can’t trust anybody these days.

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