Dog Talk From an Expert

Renowned dog trainer Harrison Forbes offers tips and tales from his life experience.

Most owners have not trained more than 600 police dogs in the last 20 years. But Harrison Forbes, host of the nationally syndicated radio show “Pet Talk,” has. This makes him a phenomenal source of information and expertise on training and simply loving dogs. “Dog Talk: Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs” by Harrison Forbes with Beth Adelman is an interesting chronicle of Forbes’ life, introducing the many canines who have inspired him, both personally and professionally.

From Sabina, the first dog he ever bonded with as a child, to Lex the aggressive police dog, to Diablo the wolf cub, each animal has a unique history and a unique relationship with Forbes. The book is part memoir, part practical guide for relating to any dog.

Forbes emphasizes his personal philosophy for training dogs based on fairness, trust, and mutual respect. He also offers his insights into canine behavioral problems. According to Forbes, energy management is the basis of behavior management: Unwanted or aggressive behavior is often the result of pent-up, frustrated energy. Every dog’s make-up is individual and distinct – a combination of nature and nurture. Non-verbal communication, structure and clearly delineated limits, and the human-canine bond are basic building blocks in a good relationship. Throughout the book, Forbes highlights how each concept translates to his canine relationships.

Entertaining and informative, Forbes’ stories will inspire the average owner and help them build a bond with their own dog.

“Dog Talk: Lessons Learned from a Life with Dogs” by Harrison Forbes with Beth Adelman is on sale now.

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