Dog Swims With Dolphins, Desperately Wants To Become One

A dog decides to take a swim with a pod of dolphins, and it seems like he'd really like to become a member of the gang.

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"Hey, guys! Can I come, too?"
Chrissa Hardy

When meeting new people (or animals) you just gotta put yourself out there and hope for the best.

And in a video uploaded to YouTube this week by Jukin Video, a dog does just that when coming across a group of swimming dolphins.

In the video, Louis the dog is sitting on the rocky edge of the water when the pod of dolphins is about to pass by. Then he decides that he wants in on the ocean fun and jumps in to join them.

Louis swims towards the dolphins and does his best to keep up with them as they pop in and out of the water.

Once they start to swim ahead, he begins to turn back, but at least he tried, right?

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