Dog Adorably Fails At Simple Memory Game

You'd think with a treat involved, this dog would be good at the game. But... NOPE.

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Chrissa Hardy

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. No matter the breed, scent is something that stands out for our canine companions.

So you would think that a dog could track the scent of a treat under a nearby cup, right? Wrong.

In a video uploaded to YouTube by Lexie C, an adorable dog adorably fails to track her treat in a game of memory using three colorful cups.

Via Lexie C/YouTube

So it’s under the orange cup. Got it. Via Lexie C/YouTube

There’s a blue cup, a pink cup and an orange cup. The dog’s owner makes it extremely obvious which cup the treat is under — the orange cup — by placing the treat under the cup right in front of the dog.

Via Lexie C/YouTube

Still under the orange cup…. Via Lexie C/YouTube

But the dog still checks the blue cup first. Nothing. Then she checks the pink cup. Nada.

Via Lexie C/YouTube


Then it takes her WHAT FEELS LIKE FOREVER to even consider looking under the orange cup.

Eventually she finds it. But man, somebody’s nose is not up to snuff.

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