Dog In Danger Of Drowning Gets So Excited When She Sees Her Rescuer

A dog fell into a well and was struggling to survive when someone went down to save her just in time.

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This little lady was so grateful to be saved.
Chrissa Hardy

Here’s a story with a happy ending that will brighten your Monday.

Animal Aid Unlimited, India, recently saved a dog who was stuck in a well and struggling to survive. A video uploaded to YouTube by the organization not only captures the amazing rescue, but also the exact moment the dog realizes she’s going to be saved.

The dog had somehow found herself at the bottom of a large open well — which, according to the video’s description, are common in India. To avoid drowning in the water, she managed to pull herself up on a narrow ledge where she sat shaking while trying stay balanced.

Poor thing. :( Via YouTube

The dog struggled to balance on a narrow ledge. Via Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

Villagers immediately contacted Animal Aid, and the dog was rescued after a member climbed down into the well and pulled her to safety.

But the real magic happens when she first sees the man rappelling down on a rope.

Look at that tail go!

Thank you, Animal Aid! Via YouTube

Thank you, Animal Aid! Via Animal Aid Unlimited, India/YouTube

The sweet girl was saved in the nick of time, and she’s clearly very grateful to be alive.

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