Dog Rescued After Getting Stuck In 75-Foot Tree

A dog named Petra had to be rescued after she managed to climb 25 feet up a giant Cyprus tree and then got stuck.

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Something tells us there was a squirrel involved. Via Kern County Animal Services/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

We’ve all heard of cats stuck in trees, but how about a dog getting stuck in one? Well, that’s exactly what happened to a dog in Weldon, California, last week.

A tiny Chihuahua named Petra got away from her owner and apparently climbed 25 feet up a 75-foot Cypress tree where she promptly became stuck, reports. Luckily, someone spotted her adorable little head sticking out of the branches and alerted the local fire station.

Safe and sound. Phew! Via Kern County Animal Services/

Safe and sound. Phew! Via Kern County Animal Services/Facebook

Firefighters came to Petra’s rescue and got the pup down, safe and sound. Kern County Animal Services documented the rescue on its Facebook page.

CORRECTION – The tree was about 75 feet high, but the dog was only up about 25 feet high, not 45 feet high as originally…

Posted by Kern County Animal Services on Thursday, September 17, 2015

Despite the impressive workout this dog was able to achieve climbing that tree, let’s hope her escape artist days are now behind her.

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