Dog Sneakily Steals Kibbles From Clumsy Cat Friend

This cat is trying to sneakily nosh on dog kibble one at a time, but his dog friend keeps stealing them.

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"Sorry, cat. You snooze, you lose." Via OliverDeCat/Rumble
Chrissa Hardy

Two wrongs don’t make a right, right? Hmm… it’s debatable, particularly in the case of Oliver the cat and his penchant for stealing dog food.

Oliver isn’t allowed to eat dog food. He knows this. But does that stop him from stealing dog kibbles one at a time? Nope.

In a video uploaded to Rumble by OliverDeCat, Oliver takes single kibbles out of his dog friend Hershey’s bowl. He plays with them, and just before he can eat them, Hershey steals them.

"Wait, that was mine, dude!" Via OliverDeCat/Rumble

“Wait, that was mine, dude!” Via OliverDeCat/Rumble

So what we have here is a clumsy feline and a brilliant dog, really. Because no matter how Hershey’s food is delivered to him — whether in a pile in his bowl or from Oliver’s fumbling paws — he gets to eat it.

Call it two wrongs, call it double theft or call it karma. No matter what you label you give this interspecies feeding process, it certainly is hilarious!

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